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Motor Trend brings you the most cutting edge content from the automotive world
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The best from automotive culture, design, and personalities shape the industry.
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Motor Trend on YouTube

Motor Trend on YouTube is the most authoritative automotive channel with over 2 million subscribers
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Empowering automotive consumers to make better purchasing decisions.
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The most relevant and transparent automotive shopping guide
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Internet Auto Guide is the premier destination to research a new or used vehicle purchase.
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Hot Rod Network

Hot Rod

Hot Rod is the heart and soul of the Hot Rod Group
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Hot Rod Deluxe

Hot Rod Deluxe is the best from traditional hot rodding
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Car Craft

The best from American made cars
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Circle Track

Circle Track is the premier destination for racing technology for the passionate racing enthusiast
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Mopar Muscle

The best from the world of Mopar
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CarDomain is the premiere destination for auto enthusiasts to show off and otherwise brag about their beloved four-wheeled rides.
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StreetFire is the first and largest User Generated Content video sharing service that specifically caters to car, truck and motorcycle enthusiasts.
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Muscle Car Review

The finest examples of past and present muscle cars
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Street Rodder

Street rods and highly modified custom rides
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Classic Trucks

Featuring the best classic and vintage trucks
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Truck Trend Network

Truck Trend

Truck Trend exists to provide the truck enthusiasts an authentic lifestyle experience based in the truck brands and parts companies they are fans of.
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8-Lug HD Truck

8-Lug is the magazine for 3/4 and 1-Ton pickup owners who like to do their hard work in style.
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Diesel Power

Diesel Power is the world's premier diesel magazine, catering to new vehicle buyers, and enthusiasts alike.
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Truckin’ is the all-encompassing custom truck brand that provides diverse feature truck content.
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Four Wheeler Network

Four Wheeler

Four Wheeler, established in 1962, is the original 4x4 enthusiast magazine.
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4 Wheel & Off-Road

4-Wheel & Off-Road has grown into the largest 4x4 enthusiast brand in the world, celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2013.
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Established in 1996, JP has become the world’s largest Jeep-only brand.
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Dirt Sports & Off-Road

Dirt Sports & Off-Road magazine is dedicated to delivering more of everything off-road enthusiasts of any stripe are looking for
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Mustang 360 Network

Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords

Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords appeals to 1979 through current Mustang and Ford enthusiasts who turn the wrench and get grease under their fingernails.
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Mustang Monthly

Mustang Monthly is the only brand devoted to all Mustangs and only Mustangs.
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Super Chevy Network

Super Chevy

Super Chevy exists to find and showcase the greatest classic Chevrolet’s in the world.
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Chevy High Performance

Chevy High Performance covers the popular Chevy models from 1955 through current model year with a heavy emphasis on muscle from the 60’s and 70’s.
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Vette is your source for the latest news and information on all the best Corvettes in the world.
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Super Street Network

Super Street

Super Street features the latest highly customized cars and event coverage from the import scene.
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Import Tuner

Started in 1998, Import Tuner magazine has been covering the best cars, tech, and models of the aftermarket car culture around the world.
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Honda Tuning

Honda Tuning is a high-excitement publication dedicated to the high-performance world of Hondas...the new millennium's hot rod of choice.
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European Car

European Car reports on the North American tuning scene for enthusiasts of European vehicles.
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Lowrider Network


Lowrider strives to share the pride, lifestyle, and culture from the Lowrider community.
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Lowrider Arte

Lowrider Arte provides an opportunity for unknown artists all over the world to showcase their unique and original art no matter what level of talent they possess.
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Action/Outdoor Network


In 1960, SURFER Magazine began as the original, and with our long history of delivering on the promise we began with, SURFER has earned its moniker as The Bible of the Sport.
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SURFING. The word says it all. It's active. Moving forward. Fluid but aggressive, artistic but athletic.
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Baseball America

Baseball America brings the most comprehensive coverage of every level of baseball
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The Basketball Bible. Since 1994.
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Endurocross is the worlds premier destination for the toughest racing on two wheels.
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Bike offers an authentic, authoritative and inspired experience that has attracted loyal readers and dedicated riders for more than 15 years.
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Canoe & Kayak

For 37 years Canoe & Kayak magazine has been the authoritative voice of paddling.
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Providing up-to-date news, exclusive videos and photos, and a real-time chat atmosphere for the action sports and outdoor communities.
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Kayak Fish

Stealthy fish hunters rejoice! Kayak Fish magazine is here.
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POWDER Magazine is written for those who embrace the sport of skiing like no other.
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Newschoolers is the worlds best place for all voices to connect under the banner of skiing
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For over two decades, SNOWBOARDER Magazine has fused insightful commentary with insane imagery to document the riding life.
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SUP Magazine

SUP magazine’s passionate staff lives standup paddling and wants nothing more than to convert new disciples to this life-changing sport.
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TransWorld Business

As the voice of the industry, Transworld Biz is dedicated to developing the action adventure markets through thought-provoking analysis of news and trends.
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TransWorld Motocross

TransWorld Motocross is the premier destination for updates from the world of motocross and the lifestyle it includes
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TransWorld SKATEboarding

TransWorld SKATEboarding has been the largest, most respected skateboarding media outlet in the world for more than 30 years.
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TransWorld SNOWboarding

TransWorld SNOWboarding inspires and motivates you to go out and ride.
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TransWorld RIDE BMX

Ride BMX has fueled participation in the sport from day one by chronicling and sharing insights on the BMX lifestyle.
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Entertainment Network


Recoil exists to provide the modern firearms enthusiasts a holistic lifestyle experience.
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Disasters, whether man-made or natural, present a whole different set of challenges in the urban environment.
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Stupid Videos

Stupid Videos features the funniest, weirdest, and most exciting viral videos from around the web.
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Home Tech Network


Shutterbug provides an ongoing community experience for users and all those who are interested in photography and digital imaging.
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Stereophile is the world’s best brand for audiophile’s to find information on the latest products, tech reviews, and trends in the audio landscape.
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Sound & Vision

Sound & Vision is the most relevant brand for the home theater enthusiast and the place where technology and entertainment meet.
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InnerFidelity primarily focuses on bringing to light the best headphones available with in-depth product reviews including both subjective and objective evaluation.
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Audiostream exists to educate the consumer on the benefits and advantages of computer based audio and entertainment.
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AnalogPlanet covers all things analog from the music and records to the hardware.
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SUP Magazine



SUP is standup paddling’s premiere brand, highlighting the lifestyle, destinations, and equipment that make this one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

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AVG. HHI: $101,259
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SUP Magazine is the premier publication for fans of this sport to learn more and discover up coming talent, the hottest brands, and the best locations to get in the water.




Our website encapsulates the best of the stand up paddling world to bring you a holistic experience grounded in the passionate community that makes SUP so unique compared to the rest of the surfing world.

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To address the content consumption needs of a mobile audience, we have developed a platform agnostic hub of information, served in real-time, responding to any format required.


Our 50K+ fans make our social channel the most valuable resource for our advertisers in the world.


SUP Awards: The SUP Awards are the first show of its kind, honoring the talents, commitment and inspiration of professional paddlers. Awards are given in a variety of categories and the show is touted as the standup industry’s “Party of the Year”.
Camp SUP: Camp SUP is a two-part consumer demo the first stop is in St Augustine, Florida and the second in Dana Point, California. The event is free and open to the public, allowing consumers to demo thee latest in board shapes, designs and products. The event also includes music, entertainment and a beer garden.



Our custom solutions feature media created in a device-agnostic environment. Each piece is carefully crafted to beautifully appear on any platform, in any format.




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