Car Craft is the definitive guide for the hard-core, do-it-yourself automotive enthusiast. Our audience is both passionate and knowledgeable, so they demand content that is informative and technical, yet plain spoken. We provide our audience with information on how to maximize their cars’ potential while maximizing their performance-per-dollar at the same time.

MALE: 98.4%
16.0% 18-24 / 13.5% 25-34 / 17.8% 35-44 / 25.5% 45-54 AVG. AGE: 44.3
AVG. HHI: $75,802
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Car Craft’s audience is dedicated to the restoration and modification of American, V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive cars from the 1960’s through to todays Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers. Our audience is hands-on, modifying their cars to perform better than the factory designed, whether running quicker on the dragstrip or faster around corners. They are innovative and look for ways to modify existing parts or adapt new parts to older cars. Our audience is much more likely to replace entire systems, from engines to rear axle assemblies in the pursuit of modernizing an older car’s performance, and several of our articles are dedicated to engine and drivetrain swaps. Our audience also is more likely to participate in motorsports, and many compete in drag racing, autocross, and on-track events, in addition to all-around street performance.


Within the realm of HotRod.com, Car Craft is a channel for the hands-on enthusiast. A Car Craft article will inform the audience how to repair and upgrade entire systems of a car, explain why and how combinations of parts work together, and provide many options to achieve various levels of performance. Our information and advice is backed by decades of experience, and access to industry leaders in the automotive aftermarket.



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Car Craft’s faithful visit daily for the latest videos posted by editors. From under hood how-tos to crazy car antics, the editors keep readers on top of the happening and mayhem.



The editors of Car Craft are active on social media and regularly interact with the audience, posting from shows and races across the country in real time. In addition, we use social media to tease upcoming builds and events we know the audience will like, and promote existing content to gauge interest through audience feedback.


The Car Craft Summer Nationals is the largest street machine event of its kind, attracting thousands of American rear-wheel-drive vehicles from around the world. Join us July 17-19, 2015, at the Milwaukee Mile in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Car Craft’s Midnight Drags draws on the popularity of grass-roots radial tire drag racing and features some of the country’s fastest full-bodied cars. Midnight Drags runs during the weekend of the Car Craft Summer Nationals at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

The Car Craft Anti Tour is a weekend road trip the staff takes with its readers. Generally held in the spring, the event focuses on a drive to various destinations that generally change from year-to-year. The destination always features an event ranging from a car show in a coastal California community, to drag racing at a big-name track. As with any road trip, the destination is only part of the journey.


Car Craft’s Elapsed Times magazine is a special interest publication catering to the nostalgia drag racing enthusiasts and active drag racers. its unique format delivers interesting stories from today as well as the past form those who where there. No poser- it is the real thing.

Car Craft also offers throughout the year Special Sections aimed directly at the center of reader interest. From Crate Engines to Suspension, these installments built into regular monthly issues are a sought after for their content and reference value.



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