HOT ROD DELUXE is the only brand to celebrate traditional hot-rodding from the historical perspective that only HOT ROD and its 65-year history can reflect on.

We scour our archives for the most interesting and most nostalgia-inducing content and make it available to our always-hungry readership. With the most famous cars, drivers, and personalities of bygone eras, HOT ROD Deluxe is the best place to travel back in time and re-experience the golden days of hot-rodding!

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A beautiful, photo-quality paper stock and ‘perfect’ binding make each and every HOT ROD Deluxe issue a collector’s edition. Filled to the brim with awe-inspiring shots from the early days of hot-rodding, Deluxe is a reader favorite and a strong newsstand seller. Our archive team searches each and every issue of HOT ROD Magazine (going back to its inception in 1948) for the most important content in our history, and includes it in Deluxe along with updates from contemporary times.

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Hotrod.com is the online destination for the most powerful brands in the marketplace! Updated constantly 24 hours a day, seven days per week, the authoritative voice of HOT ROD informs viewers about every corner of the performance world. Hotrod.com is the home of the HOT ROD Network, which includes Car Craft, Roadkill, Street Rodder, Circle Track, Mopar Muscle Classic Trucks, Engine Masters, Musclecar Review, and HOT ROD Deluxe.

Featuring videos, updates, galleries, event coverage, tech info, and pure unadulterated entertainment, Hotrod.com commands an audience that can exceed one million impressions per day. With marketing options that go far beyond traditional web ad units, there are a vast number of ways to command exposure on hotrod.com.

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HOT ROD brings viewers two different hit gearhead shows, both network-production quality and full of entertainment:

Roadkill: The hit show that created a movement among young and old enthusiasts alike! With an average of more than one million views per episode, and a continually growing audience, Roadkill is the number one show on the Motor Trend YouTube channel. Join our hosts as they work their way out of jams and into adventures each month.

HOT ROD Garage provides tips, tricks, and wrenching that you’ve come to expect from the crew at HOT ROD Magazine. We introduce viewers to new HOT ROD car projects and let them know what’s going on in the world of HOT ROD. With an average or more than 400,000 views per episode, HOT ROD Garage is the part-centric show that manufactuers have been waiting for!



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HOT ROD’s reach spans across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with constant updates from our revered editorial staff. Designed to elicit maximum exposure, shares, and likes, our social media content can be utilized to help you convey your marketing message.

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