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The people behind SURFER know that the magical, energized, ever-shifting zone where sea meets land inspires, enthralls, frightens, and instructs in a million different ways. That’s the central mystery that draws us to the ocean day after day, and that’s what SURFER has captured for over 50 years. Now, the most recognizable brand in action sports has become a ubiquitous presence in print, online, and through high-profile events around the world. SURFER. The original since 1960.


SURFER owns some of the most influential media outlets in the industry. From licensing in the food and beverage industry, to media aimed at powerful niche markets within the surf community, our signature properties are valuable extensions of the brand.


Newsletter Sponsorships
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Convey your brand message effectively to SURFER’s engaged and inspired digital audience. From franchise blog sponsorships to ad-in-hand mobile solutions, Surfermag.com provides a proven and growing menu of impactful advertising options.
Available options include (but not limited to):

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Each year, we pump out the best surf footage in the world. Check out our recent work here.


Our buyer’s guides feature the most comprehensive surf gear reviews available anywhere.


Surfermag.com is the award-winning digital extension of the SURFER media package with an ever-expanding viewership of over 447,000 unique visitors per month. Everything you’d expect from the magazine is here, but the nature of the site allows us to go further.
Features include exclusive SURFER video content, breaking news from every ocean on the globe, user message boards that draw 100,000 unique browsers a month, photo galleries by the world’s best surf photographers, blogs and features by the best writers in the sport, and archival magazine content at your fingertips any time.



With more than 76K subscribers, our YouTube channel is the most relevant video resource online for the surf enthusiast.



Every issue of SURFER Magazine is available digitally on your PC and Mac via platforms including Apple Newsstand, Nook, Kindle and Android.



With a social audience of over 4.9 Million, SURFER boasts the largest social reach in action sports media. SURFER’s brand recognition, dedicated social media team, and unmatched, premium content has fueled the exponential audience grown and engagement. With no signs of slowing down, SURFER is influencing the way surf fans are consuming media.


Oakley Surf Shop Challenge: Originally conceived to provide a fun, competitive format to the hardest of the hardcore surf shop teams, the SURFER Shop Team Challenge was one of the most anticipated contest events of the early 1980’s. Today, the Surf Shop Challenge is an 8-event series, that allows more than 70 teams to put sales numbers aside and settle the score in the water in regions across the United States. The event culminates with one final showdown, all 7 regional champion teams in a National Championship event to determine the best surf shop in the Nation.

Surfer Poll Awards: The Surfer Poll Awards honor the year’s top ten best male and top five best female surfers as voted on by the readers of SURFER. The video portion of the awards is the first of its kind in action sports and is the surf world’s version of the Academy Awards, the SURFER Video Awards recognize the best in surf video production and performance.


Lowers Pro: The Lowers Pro is the premier Southern California event on the World Surf League Prime Series featuring the world’s elite male surfers.

Surfing America USA Championships: As the official ISA-recognized National Governing Body for the sport of surfing in the United States, Surfing America is responsible for holding the USA Surfing Championships event each year and for selecting the official USA Surf Team to compete internationally.

Boardroom Show: Since 2007 THE BOARDROOM has reasserted and maintained this philosophy. To put the surfboard–and the modern day kahunas who craft and design them—back at the forefront of surf culture.

Volcom Pipe Pro: The Volcom Pipe Pro is always a special event for the local Hawaiian competitors with the contest being held at one of their most treasured surf spots.



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